Between taking down the “I Never Promised you a Rose Garden” installation at the Billings Clinic a little over a week ago and installing the same sculptures in Grand Rapids, MI for Artprize two days ago, a whole thick long-winded chapter of drama with epic twists and turns has occurred. Crazy good-weather luck blessed my crew despite an early season snowstorm/blizzard on the day of the un-install. A few days later, an outrageous blood red bold moonrise beamed “all will be well” energy during a middle of the night rescue mission when I drove across Montana in a borrowed truck belonging to someone I have never met when friends (and a friend-of-a-friend) pulled together to help the sculptures continue on their journey to Michigan after my truck broke down when Cliff was hundreds of miles into the 1500 mile journey.

Four a.m. Wednesday I met the crew after a sleepless night to drive to Bozeman, catch a few planes and pull off an all-night-with-dramatic-twists install. A lifetime passed and a few grey hairs may have sprouted in an unbelievably long chapter squished between 2 sunsets but I am full of gratitude for a faithful crew and a “big picture” which seems wiser than the attachments felt along the way. Things happen for a reason…

I am short on photos but long on good feelings about the synchronicity and good grace that got the sculptures settled into their beautiful location at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.