beautifying a buggy

The buggy is over 100 years old, painstakingly restored by a friend of mine. I simply have to take after it with a brush and more red paint to personalize the jalopy for a saloon in Texas. After a very mild winter, Momma Nature decided to step in for a few hours and insta-dump super slick snow the ONE afternoon about a week ago when the wagon was scheduled for delivery. The trailer jack-knifed on my steep mountain road and really rattled the poor folks cautiously hauling the precious pricey antique to my sweet studio.  Cliff came to the rescue with chains and the kind of "hearty smarts" that come from decades as a logger.  He has plenty of experience with various back woods equipment fiascoes. Eventually we rolled the wagon off the trailer into my studio.  After we brushed the snow off ourselves I poured shots of whiskey to calm Harlon and Joell’s nerves (yes I keep a bottle of Jack at the studio). I can certainly use the commission and must say am enjoying my sun-filled studio space to "doodle it up!"