A day in the life...(Friday's footwear)

Last Friday's footwear Friday's footwear began with ice climbing boots from 6am-5pm while I enjoyed my annual stint volunteering at the Bozeman Ice Festival.  One day of the festival is devoted to getting women on ice - the largest gathering of women learning to climb in the US.  I LOVE sharing my passion for ice with women!!!  The temps were unseasonably warm - almost balmy.

You can spot me in the bright lime green jacket belaying and teaching (photo credit: Felicia Ennis)

Pointy heels and a long gown gussied me up for a company Christmas party from 6-9pm with my boyfriend.  After which I pulled a quick "superman" change in the parking garage so that I was in western attire for spinning on the dance floor to the stellar band "The Dirty Shame" with a few people from the company Christmas party.  A fine coincidence that the Ice Climbing post party was also at the Elks with the Dirty Shame (without my previous knowledge).  Wonderful how two different worlds merged together at the end of the day.