blessed thanksgiving memories

Jeffery getting closer to the summit of Mt Baldy (look for the wee black speck).  We hiked the ridge from beyond both peaks in the background of this photo to top out before sharing turkey dinner with mom yesterday I have eaten fresh crabs caught in a cave while ship-wrecked on a Mexican island, climbed frozen waterfalls in sub-zero temps, shared thanks and 3 picnic tables full of potluck dinner in Redrocks campground with climbers and their children from all over the world, skied and soaked in hotsprings, ate chicken pasta in a small family owned restaurant in Rome while traveling Europe alone at 17, dined with fine china while sharing tradition with family and friends, and yesterday I tagged a summit - all ways of giving thanks, sharing place, peace, adventure, love, play and simple abundance during Thanksgiving Day. FULL-to-overflowing with gratitude.

Happy dogs chill'n on the summit.