Amber Jean – LIVE (in video clips)

Just in case the written word doesn’t cover enough from my life, art, and adventures…I’ve added my very own YouTube Channel to upload short videos from…wellmy lifeart…and adventures!  Wahoo!  (and Yikes!)

Actually it is fun to shoot video footage and share.  I’ve a zillion ideas and am open to your suggestions.  I hadn’t realized that I could automatically link YouTube to my blog until the darling dog lover Roxanne Hawn  gave me the hint/suggestion today.  She’s a freelance writer with a fun informative blog which she describes as “a dog blog about hope and hard work.”

Thanks to Roxanne’s suggestion, I have set things up so that future videos will automatically post right on my blog.  But you may have missed the first few videos so visit:

If you have a moment – grab a cup of tea or a shot of whiskey and check out the channel.  The videos are short.  While you are there feel free to rate the videos, subscribe, write feedback and sign up as my friend in the “friends box.”  Did you catch that?  (a not-so-subtle hint)  :)  I want your feedback!  If you visit and leave a mark somewhere  on the montanamber channel you can help get rid of that “no scratch polished” look that comes from being brand new.  Right now the site looks too new…too shiny…too “friendless.”

Stay tuned!