Off Balance

Juggling a job and my own art/business/writing world has thrown me into overdrive. Ten hour days working in the world of construction sandwiched between my own creative and business life has given me a butt-kicking. I am not complaining. Honestly I believe my butt needed a bit of the “boot.” One thing I realize is how much I miss physical labor and how much I simply must work with my hands. I have been studio-less for too many years. No matter my financial circumstances, I must clear a path and find a place for sculpture making.
The first few days on the job made me down right grumpy. I have not worked for someone in that capacity for a decade and a half. The project is a remodel of a poorly built house. I have a thing about how things are constructed; very little patience and no respect for cheap materials and bad construction. The bad mood was replaced with cheery gratitude for a job and the simple satisfaction of working with my hands.
I scrambled to put in 15 hours on a grant application last week. The online application was uploaded 14 minutes before the midnight deadline on May 1st.
I am thankful for a chance to earn some much needed cash. Still, I long to be playfully painting the small works on paper again….