Bunny Abundance

Bunnies are in abundance this year. I love bunny years! Momma Nature seems to have her cycles..sometimes moths, moose, or mice (um…ok…always mice) but this year bunnies are everywhere – morning, noon, and night.

Alas, the bunny surplus has led to tragedy. Maya (my cat) is an excellent mouser. She is a super handy housekeeper for cabin-love’n mice but unfortunately her skills don’t stop there. Lately she has been grounded for the most part which means that she is IN MY FACE a good deal at night. Her protest tactics are highly developed and range from subtle (sitting within whisker tickling range of my nose while staring at me) to less than subtle (jumping on me in the middle of the night, howling, scowling, mewing and flinging herself about). Ugh.   Sadly, Miss Maya has successfully snuck out (I forgot to lock the screen door) or slunk out (I left the bathroom window open a crack while showering) or ran out (she ambushes me and scoots past while entering and exiting my house) which means that more than one bunny has gone to bunny heaven prematurely. Serious bummer…BIG bummer. Actually it is nightmarish to find a baby bunny ear on the bathroom floor. She brings the unfortunate furry little sweet rabbits inside my cabin to play with.   Thus - bunny saving missions punctuate my life when sly Maya slinks past the fact that she is grounded. More than one bunny has ended up tucked into my underwear drawer and even cuddled, protected, and slept with (I just love a bunny under the covers). Alas, only one has successfully been nursed, made it through rehab and been returned to the great outdoors. The cute tiny little bugger grew an inch during the few days of loving captivity. 

After the sweet little thing was stable, I took him over the mountain pass to my mother’s to finish his rehab and begin a new life in Mom’s “big rock candy mountain” backyard. Mom has abundant scrumptious grass…less predators…AND…she has a bunny feeder on her deck with “regulars” who stop by daily.
I LOVE rabbits…have some kind of soulful connection to them beyond my own big rabbit-like front teeth. They appear in my art, in self portraits (you have seen my logo?!) and as companions (pets Chanda, Baji, and Frida). I would very much prefer a rabbit over a cat for a pet. While Maya is an awesome mouse-catching, people-love’n, purring little athlete with an adorable under bite- she would be replaced with a dozen mousetraps and a pet bunny if it weren’t for my rabbit-chasing dog Zaydee.
Ugh. Zaydee is sweet, special, smart, soft, kind, and a good dog except she chases and catches rabbits.  She is…well…a dog (and fast).
(both NEW bunny artworks were SOLD last week to a patron member before they were ever posted for sale on my website)