“Coyote” goes to Philly


Vibrant and fun, my Works on Paper series are playful pieces created in the studio as a break from the intensity of labor-intensive large scale sculptures.  The artworks are small (about 5x6 inches) and especially affordable because it makes me happy to make it easier for ANYONE to own art.  Technology has even made it possible for people interested in my work to purchase art and be a patron for $5.95 a month

Artist’s need Patrons.  Michelangelo needed the Medici’s. 

Thus…I launched the Patron Program exactly one year ago as a twist on the traditional relationship between artist and patron.  The idea is to gather LOTS of patrons who can invest a small amount toward my creative endeavors.  I offer affordable art and share an intimate peek into my bumbling honest authentic creative  journey.  Fostering a relationship between me and you; artist and patron – the community on my website is called the Patron Place.  Benefits include free art, special invitations, gifts, stories, audible downloads, webinars, and “insider” stuff - like the first chance to see new work.  People can even become a Patron Member for the cost of one fancy coffee drink a month via the automatic payment plan.

Rosina signed up as a Patron Member a year ago.  She was the first patron to renew her membership this month.  “Coyote” was  shipped to Rosina in Philadelphia this week…warm fuzzies and fun for both of us.  Interested?  Visit the Patron Place.  Join me and others on the creative adventure!