Happy happy New Year!!!

How did I get so far behind on my blog? I’ve zillions to share from nearly two weeks of holiday cheer with Paul and the kids. We spent Christmas together for the second time at my little cabin on the mountain (their choice). They picked out a tree after school just before dark on a single digit temperature day. Warmed by hot chocolate and enthusiasm we worked together under their (well…mostly Sami’s) supervision to decorate my cabin. Lights and more lights wrapped rustic fir beams and trimmed windows. 
The tree was the biggest we’ve stuffed into my wee little space yet. Imagine a tree in a one room dining, kitchen and living room space turned into a festive magic indoor camp for them at night since they sleep in piles on the couch and floor. My little 28’ x 28’ home bulges near-to-splitting with life when we are all here. 
Each day brought fun stories and photo opportunities worth blogging about but I ignored my computer for the most part during the past two weeks.  Honestly – it felt good. We played board games, hiked and sledded. I got out and climbed ice.  I cooked my first ever full-on Christmas dinner (ham and all the fixings for my family and four guests)! I am still amazed at how scrumptious everything was. Seriously – cooking has never been a keen interest of mine but bless my little old gas Wedgewood stove and those awesome kids who love to help in the kitchen! We pulled it off, licked our plates, and even turned the ham hock into a batch of split pea soup (also a first for me).
We had a sledding party New Year’s Day despite the single digit temps. Living at the end of the road near the top of a mountain in Montana offers AMPLE sledding runs. We have the standard short and sweet hills but we capitalize on the 2 mile downhill on my road (four wheeler pulls them on the sleds back up) and the other two long ½ mile runs with switchbacks, trees, and STUNNING views – not that anyone could see through the powder. Folks came in bundled like Eskimos left in a snowstorm with icicles hanging off their eyelashes, noses and chins. Plenty of hot chocolate, whiskey and Baileys kept people in the sledding mood. The sky was blue, snow fresh and fluffy, and the sunset stunning.
I have sledding video footage destined to be posted soon. I also have a nasty little cold and piles and piles of catching up to do but find myself full of joy, energy, and gumption while enjoying a few quiet days at my humble cozy little cabin.