Happy Valentine's Day!

I am just bursting with love today!!!  The Cosmos is grinning down at me – warm and friendly.  I am at the ranch in Texas which is beaming with life and sunshine.  A teeny new little 3 week old miniature baby burro with fluffy old man eyebrows has been hanging close to his mom and kicking up his heels playfully – both new additions since my last visit three weeks ago.  A new calf came into the world yesterday, slick and big-eared.   One of the hunting dogs had puppies which I hear are teensy but will go see for myself today. The chickens ran toward me like a crazed fan club when I showed up with a bag full of scraps.  They sure are silly fun quirky fretful critters.  Yesterday we flew to another ranch where the boys caught fresh bass.  YUM!!  Paul impressed us with his culinary skills during a fresh fried fish feast (say that 3 times fast!). Desert was fresh strawberries dipped in warm chocolate.  Yum! I woke a few hours before the sun and stretched through my morning yoga Sun Salutations before sipping tea and getting to the desk part of work.  An early walk in the fog had me a bit worried about stepping on snakes but once the sun came up, I pulled on my sneakers and went for a run – which did not seem as difficult as the first time I ran on the ranch nearly a month ago.  Phew!