Lotsa Little Critters

Ya gotta love a client who shares her beautiful Texas home with a batch of exotic affectionate colorful and furry little characters.  My life-long affection for bunnies is proof of my inclination for big fuzzy ears.  Alas…big ears are abundant in the batch of  wee rug-rats who scamper about the walnut, granite and tile floors.

Ali is the least exotic but what a sweetheart.  AliA Yorkshire Terrier, she is quiet and well  behaved.  She trots like a wind up toy gone rusty in her hind quarters…a bit stocky like a miniature female German wrestler she’s well fed, sweet and unassuming.



  Sassy (2)

Jack and Sassy are Cornish Rex Cats - long and sleek regal siblings.  Their prominent foreheads and giant ears look Egyptian.   Softer than my grandmother’s old fur coat, their short curly fur resembles grandma’s soft o’l coat  with tight little waves.  Jack has a Groucho Marx mustache and his sister is a patchwork of white, black and tan.  All eyes and ears, they look even more aloof than most cats but are surprisingly affectionate.  Sassy parked herself on my lap the whole time I sat at my computer.

Cami is the newest addition.  No bigger than a guinea pig, she Cami makes up for her diminutive size with spunk.  A tri-colored long-haired Chi Wawa who instantly squirmed her cute little bug-eyed soul right into my arms (er…hand) and wrapped around my heart.   I am infatuated with her.  I could zip her up in my hoodie with her big ears and little tongue hanging out  and take her home with me.

My client also has a beautiful big German Sheppard named Hobo whom she rescued.  Scars and a limp are testament of his pre-adoption vagabond days.  He watches over the ranch but hangs out with the wee little gang at the home now and then.  Hobo is smart, mellow and loyal (he also has big ears) and is a handsome bugger.

We rescued a pale oriental looking mix-breed dog while I was visiting.  The lost or abandoned dog was bright and friendly.  I just can’t imagine the kind of person who could dump a dog but am glad to be working with a big-hearted client who shares my love for furry critters and big ears.  Stay tuned for updates on the art part of the Devil Woman Saloon project.