Springtime in the Rockies

March 24, 2009

Little bits of snowfloat and fall like drunk and lost fluff white fairies. Patches of old snow are strewn across the bare valley in unkempt random piles of clothing left by the Crazy Mountains, a clue to the pre-pass-out revelries. The mountains, hung-over, sleep it off beneath heavy white down blanket covers. Spring time in the Rockies is a bar-hopping extravaganza of mixed drinks and changing scenery. Two days ago warm rock was climbed by t-shirt wearing enthusiasts. Yesterday six inches of fresh snow shrunk in the afternoon sun to two inches of textured wooly white. I post-holed thigh-deep up the mountain behind my cabin last evening. Dawn showcased trees dusted like donuts in a confectioner’s window. I love the mix…the flurries…the guessing….of spring time in the Rockies.