Taking Shape - 2nd story studio


WOW! Paul has only put eight days into construction and already I can do the “Snoopy Dance” on the 2nd story!!!
Joy! Joy! The little room in back upstairs will be the painting/drawing studio – free from the sawdust of sculpture building in the main studio. The huge steel beams are part of the hoist system which will allow me to lift and move large objects…er…art…all by myself. Wahoo!!!

I shopped for toilets online early yesterday morning. Here is my dream toilet:

But of course such prettiness is not in the budget and then a brand new toilet was just given to me by a friend who doesn’t need it. Now, what does a studio-less artist do with a free toilet while construction is happening on her new studio? Ah ha!! I just might have to paint my own toilet. We’ll see. Truth is - it took a chunk of yesterday just to catch up on the HUGE bin of mail and bills. I’ve a zillion projects planned without throwing a toilet bowl on the “to do” list but -well…?!