Thank-you Rarig Family

May 18th


What a wonderful family…ALL of you! Your kindness causes my heart to bloom with warmth, enriched with the vigor of a sunbeam. What a gift and a treat to be here in this comfortable ocean abode. The history of this place can be felt: the hard work…the love…the focus on fun, family, Mother Nature and community. I feel blessed that you shared the place with LizAnn and I.
My life is enriched by your kindness…and the ocean…and the deep sleep nights. I am held by the sound of the waves. The ocean rubs the shore during the calm nights like an expecting mother rubs her growing belly. Infinite love and life-giving fill the sound…a consistent lullaby wrapped in life.
Ocean energy whooshes through my soul with a crisp clear embracing mother love. Good stuff. Hearty healthy pure and easy feel-good lightness…like the immediate “done my body good” feeling one gets after drinking a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Pure vitamin-rich jolt of from-the-source energy. The air is full of it. Gulp and grin.
Jack and Ginnie, the love you share for each other and your children along with your vigor for life is inspiring. You “DONE GOOD.” Nick, Chris, and Steve are boys to brag about and I’ve no doubt Nancy follows suite. Your friendship, support, and love have given LizAnn a real boost on her journey. I am full of gratitude (and steak, and ribs, and twice-baked potatoes, and avocados, birthday cake, and wine…!)
Fat seals with whiskers, sea otters with old man faces, whales spouting…and I hear there were dolphins and turtles too! I love the sea creatures. Please know that anyone of the Rarigs is welcome in my humble Montana cabin home where you may see a bear, moose, deer, elk, mountain lions, or other small mountain critters.
I will blow one last kiss to the ocean before boarding a plane. Hugs and a heartfelt thanks to each of you!