Unplugged Weekend


April 6, 2009

Two whole scrumptious sunny days without turning on the computer! Enjoyed the springtime fresh snow (12 inches!), sunshine (almost burnt), creative thoughts (lordy!), art making (lots of sparkles), toddy-drinking (hee hee), NOVA café treats (yum!)…AND…friendship deepening soul-licking connections with deeply kind, fun, and funny friends.
A spring blizzard dumped over a foot of fresh snow. Sunday morning I got stuck…then Cliff got stuck. I honestly did not mind one bit since I hadn’t really felt like leaving the mountain. Crawling around on my knees with a shovel to dig out my truck wasn’t a big deal since I was dressed to ski (had plans to use free ski passes at Big Sky Ski Resort). The sky was deep blue, the trees were laden with thick white snow, and Zaydee was leaping around and rolling in the fluff while trying to “herd” the stuck trucks. Luckily my ski partner was game to explore the deep snow here so he drove over the pass and up the mountain to my place. Paul arrived with yummy baked (wheat-free) treats, diesel fuel for the skid steer, his big dog Blaze, and a few good steaks for the grill later. He got stuck too. (Recurring theme…? Or….a scheme?)
After the truck/snow rodeo, Paul and I put skins on our skis and climbed up the mountain behind my cabin. The sun beamed with fresh spring strength. I pulled off my coat, then my shirt…and climbed up the mountain in my bra. A few feet of snow beneath me, a foot of snow in the branches of trees above me, and bare skin between…truly springtime in the Rockies! The top of the mountain was beyond any scene in a Hollywood movie. Magical. The richly textured landscape was patterned from small pocks of snow; a wonderfully woven blanket of white. Tall stark trees stood still and stoic; soldier-like. Everything from one direction was white. The dark trees were smocked in white snow…not soft powder but rather little snow globs stuck to every exposed surface from one direction. Awestruck, we skied through the magical lunar landscape with snow-plastered to trees; huge grins beaming in the bright sunlight. The dogs plowed through deep snow, working hard but loving it.




View from on top, Yellowstone River, Paradise Valley, Absaroka/Beartooth Mountains