sparks on valentine's day

I have been battling this season’s round of the crud.  Couched for most of the last 10 days, I have only left the mountain once (to see the doctor).  I am itching for outdoor adventure but the last few days I have been squeezing in as much studio time as my body will allow.  Actually despite my headache and the fact that both eyeballs feel like they are trying to squeeze themselves down into the backside of my nostrils, I ended up spending twelve hours in the studio today (but that is only because I have a deadline). Phew.

But we have some catching up to do from projects/activities that happened just before the crud germs decided to party in my body.  Let's start with how I spent Valentine's Day.  I am too tuckered to write so I will share a photo.  Much more happened Valentine's evening but I will share those photos in the next post after getting a much needed good night's sleep!

Prepping steel bases for Reliquary Installation