commission distraction

More than any other time in my career, promising possibilities are RIGHT there…dangling…nearly touching down with running shoes on ready to spring into action.  I can’t wait to blast out of the starting blocks and launch the NEW series out into the world! But, before the starting gun goes off there are countless distractions such as simply making a living.  So last week while the 1st sculpture in my new series stood nearly complete; I was busy cranking out a commissioned project in clay.

Clay makes me feel like I’m in grade school – not a bad feeling but it is certainly a much different feeling than the bold challenging adventure of the new sculpture series.  Clay is soft and mushy without the fresh cut wood scent of woodchips and sawdust.  Clay makes me want to eat malt balls.  Ok – many things can bring on a craving for malt balls but somehow the sound of malt balls rolling in a carton just seems to go with the idea of pushing clay around.



Here’s a peek at the commission:

Glad to report the commission is complete; delivered to the foundry.  Today not only will I add the final finish touches to the new sculpture but I will also be bringing 2 new logs into the studio.  Photos coming…!