from peek party to peak

Warm fuzzy goodness surrounds me like a comfy cardigan on this super BIG snowflake spring day.  The “Sneak Peek” party last week was sweet – good peeps and sincere support.  We zip-lined under the impressive Montana mountain sky - shared fun and libations.   I feel over-the-top blessed with this place and my pals.  The yummy feeling lingers and I find myself excited for future studio celebrations.  “Dancing in Orion” is on its way to Texas along with 6 bronze dog banks.  Phew!

I woke early Friday morning, sang and danced through the post party clean up, packed my sleeping bag, climbing gear, Moscow Mule fix'ns and warm clothes.  Zaydee jumped aboard and we scooted out of town in a snowstorm.  The weather forecast was iffy but my girlfriend Leslie and I were both itching for adventure – even if it meant simply hanging out in hot springs and finding a hotel room if the weather proved too adverse.  Alas we were charmed!!!  City of Rocks in Idaho is a mystical magical playground.  We climbed, camped and soaked through the sunny weekend  - what a blast!!!  I must say it felt really good to have rock under my hands and a whole weekend off to play.  We shared climbs with friends from Wyoming and Colorado.  Leslie and I sat on top of Morning Glory Spire Sunday afternoon- a special spot in the world made more special when shared with a dear friend under a vivid blue sky with breathtaking views.

Zaydee and I slept in the back of my truck next to the soothing sound of the Madison River on our way home Sunday night.  We drove beneath a stretched out lazy sunrise Monday morning and arrived at the studio in time to bundle up and load the new sculpture.  The studio is begging me to make new messes – I can’t wait!  But for now I’ve the desk part of life and pre-trip packing to do.  Tomorrow I will be in Texas.