from sandy beach to winter's frost...

Bounced down the mountain in the dark for 6am spin class this morning.  Half way through the class and still before the sun came up it dawned on me that one week ago today I was leisurely biking on the beach in California.  I meant to blog last week about the excellent (too short) trip to LA but I pack my days from pre-dawn to the middle of the night – just where do I squeeze in my blog time? Sipping tea, people (and dog) watching while soaking in ocean energy…what a wonderful way to spend a morning before boarding a plane!

I need a “wee me” blogging leprechaun who could eloquently translate my rambling thoughts and good blogging intentions into reality.

Jeffery took me to LA for a Nerium convention. Highlights included hearing Jack Canfeld and Shawn Achor speak plus the peeps that Nerium attracts are over-the-top GOOD people - purpose driven, passionate and kind – just what you would expect from a company that launched the Happiness Movement I will have to write a WHOLE post on that!

So yesterday afternoon we were ski touring up Mill Creek - definitely a change in scenery from the beach but inspiring!

Beautiful HUGE crystal snow.  I just LOVE how Momma Nature sculpts water!