full of surprises (and smiles)

DancingI am not sure where Jeffery found his dancing shoes – but boy does he have some moves…!  Pretty fun and amazing discovery in someone who insisted that he didn’t dance when I met him.  He continues to surprise me with his willingness not only to try new things but to jump in with both feet and a grin on his face.  I almost broke my fiancé a few weeks ago while introducing him to the sport of mountain biking.  Jeffery was stopped by a tree after a rather terrifying round of tumbling down a STEEP slope with his bike but he leapt up smiling.  He was covered in brush, a bit of blood, lumps, bumps and missing a shoe.  I thought for sure he would want to sell his new bike.  But a few days later we enjoyed a pleasant mellow morning bike ride between weddings on the buff trails up Cache Canyon in Jackson.  He spun me around the dance floors of a few weddings that weekend – I'm not sure who smiled more. Happy trails...!