The bison gets a bit of love (photo taken by a traveler from LA).  Soon the sculpture will be permanently installed in the airport upstairs to greet travelers as the first thing they see upon arriving at our airport. Frankly I was a total wimp in the beginning. Asking for $$ is FAR out of my comfort zone…!!!

Life also has kept me pretty distracted. Between caring for my mother and some serious health issues of my own I’ve lost momentum several times. Momentum is key. Quite a bit of my confidence got squashed the last 6-7 years. I needed to shift my thinking and pump up my belief. I began the year with a whole new focus on goal setting (yearly - monthly - weekly). My new focus includes daily review of my goals so they do not become elusive.

The other BIG shift is Raymond. I have never had a true partner who has my back with such unconditional support. He totally took care of me, supported us financially and never judged or pushed me during this past year while I weathered the challenging journey of PTSD after the dog pack attack. I feel so lucky. I am extra driven to give back, help out, make him proud and be a true partner to him. The “Raymond button” helped motivate me into overdrive.

Fairy dust. I can feel it in the air - I want to keep dancing so it doesn’t settle. Thankful for a bit of magic, I am overflowing with gratitude.