Reliquary Hatch I have been beautifully buried in HATCH.

What is HATCH? HATCH is a meeting of the minds and hearts of soulful people. Part summit/part retreat - one hundred people are selected from various disciplines and invited to Montana to spark, fuel, support, mentor, share and inspire each other during a four-day intensive with the intention to “HATCH a better world.” Check out their video here:

Two days “off the grid” at a resort ranch near Big Sky and two days “on the grid” in the heart of Bozeman – we shared mentoring sessions, panel discussions, soulful lightning speeches, film screenings, jam sessions and artful food with Emmy award winning musicians, inspired producers, CEO’s, corporate consultants, NY Times Bestselling authors, top social media experts, industry hackers, innovators, inventors and TED speakers. Three of my Reliquary sculptures graced the ranch retreat during the gathering. I have been HATCHed wide open. My heart stretched, my imagination was turbo-charged and my soul tickled. I am invigorated, challenged, inspired (Lordy sooooo inspired) and….exhausted!!! What a gift of an experience!  I barely have my feet back on the ground and am hardly caught up on sleep. I feel like I do after a BIG mountaineering endeavor; tuckered to my core and totally infused and inspired at the same time - and - well - validated.

I am rolling in the moonbeams, earth tremors and soul sunshine of HATCH

Cosmotroping in the portable planetarium.  Potent science with stellar visionary soulfulness, just one of the many life-changing experiences of HATCH.