hefty hoist-love

Gone are the days in town when I would stop my work to blow the sawdust off my Carhartt’s, then walk from my studio to the gas station to buy a six pack of beer, walk with the beer to Livingston Meats to coerce the big-armed butcher into helping me lift or turn a sculpture.  I hated to bug him but that was simplest.  Sometimes I would time moving heavy stuff with lunch and invite one of my strong fellow friends to the studio to eat and lift.  But what does a gal who lives at the end of the road near the top of a mountain in Montana do when she has to lift BIG stuff?!  Paul thought of everything.  He integrated an ingenious sweet smooth strong hoist system and steel I Beams into my new studio.  I can lift ANYTHING. All I need are straps and the touch of a a bright cheery yellow button.  Check out this 2400 pound hunk of mesquite just waiting for me to sink my teeth into!!!