Home Sweet Home

Beauty in Paradise "The mountains were still to me a temple, where I went not to pray, but to feel the touch of the infinite."

The lovely quote was written by a nineteenth-century prostitute whose eloquent autobiography "Madeleine" surprised me with moments of spirit-kinship.  I finished the book early this morning at sunrise - which now occurs after I get home from 6 am yoga.  The days are freakishly shorter upon my return after the month-long Artprize endeavor.   Pre-yoga dramatic sunrises have been replaced by bold stars and crisp cold.   The embrace of my cozy little cabin home in the mountains beneath an expansive ever-changing sky is tonic to a soul wearied by recent endeavors.

I took a much-needed off-grid sabbatical after my return from Grand Rapids two weeks ago.  The life of a full-time artist/solo entrepreneur so far as I've managed involves plenty of hyper-long days but I have never put myself through such an extremely demanding marathon of a public event.  The added intensity of being in the world's largest art prize competition was excruciating (just being honest).  Nineteen 14-hour days of standing next to my sculptures sharing, opening, revealing, giving, receiving, observing, explaining and smiling.

Good to be home...!