I haven't forgotten you...

Psst… hello….!

I feel like I need to whisper my way back into blog-mode after a rather lengthy hiatus from blogging, e-newsletters and social media.  Every year I barrel into the holiday season believing somehow that I will continue to get plenty of work done but the reality is that never actually happens.  Why fight it?  Rather better to embrace the season.  But then there is the post-holiday month of January which I also have the habit of believing I will launch right into with a New Year fresh fury but I am learning.


frost heartThe truth is that January beckons me into a regroup and retreat mode more and more each year.  Why fight it?  I have a yearly ritual on January 1st that I have completed every year since I can’t remember when.  The ritual is simple and facilitates revisiting each day of the last year and glancing through the New Year as I go through my daily planner; see the record of my activities, gatherings, work-outs, adventures, weekly weight, projects completed, phone-calls made, blog posts written etc.  I keep consistent records.  As I go through the old planner I transfer birthdays onto the new planner.  The ritual involves a candle, tea and Bailey’s and a few other meaningful activities; it simply honors a transition.

With each passing year, I find myself requiring more than just a few hours to revisit and regroup.  I welcome space from my studio and from much of the busy world.  I would love to catch you up - so much has happened...!  But let me start by whispering another warm welcoming “hello!”  Feels good to be back.  Since my last blog post I have ditched my studio for weeks at a time yet I have also already completed and shipped one totally new sculpture in a new scale and with new materials.  I have begun the next sweet little bronze.  I have traveled and I have hunkered down for days in a row without leaving my mountain.  I read inspiring books, cleared my closets, aired out my soul, held carefully my heart and sought clarity and healing.  Grown.  Grounded.  Refreshed.


Can’t wait to share more…!