At last.....! For the first time since the horrific dog pack attack last spring - I find myself actually inspired to create.  Phew...!

Life has blessed me with inspiration - usually almost more than I can bear.  My head most often overflowing with creative ideas like a room full of monkeys all wanting attention at once.  Sometimes life shuts the door on the creative room but not often and never for long.  The dog pack attack slammed that door shut for longer than I have ever experienced.  I took disciplined steps toward busting the door back open.  Patience is not my strongest suit but I had no choice.  I simply could not forcibly push myself any sooner.  I completed the sculpture for HATCH - months later than planned.  But I did not have that excited "cannot-wait-to-get-to-work-in-the studio" feeling.

Until now...

Yesterday I even blew off the demands of my desk and dedicated the day to the studio.  I'm working on the drawing for our wedding invitations (which of course is more than just a drawing for an invite).  I will post some progress photos for you (stay tuned for the finished drawing...)