Inspired Artist Adonna Khare

Artist Adonna Khare with her Art Prize winning workBlown away by the psychological depth, sensuous surface, drawing mastery and creative vision of artist Adonna Khare – I was especially tickled to meet her a few months ago at the opening of the exceptional exhibit “Face to Face; Wall to Wall” at the Yellowstone Art Museum.  Adonna was hunkered down on a bench in front of her work – sick.  She had spent the night before in ER with pneumonia.  Poor gal.  I was suffering from acute bronchitis – we were a sorry pair on antibiotics but our challenged health didn’t dent the spark and instant good energy we shared.  Turns out she had seen my installation "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" during her untimely hospital visit the night before.  I insisted Adonna come back to visit so I could share more of Montana with her - luckily she was already scheduled to return to work on the special installation of her awesome Art Prize winning piece in the spring. Adonna's daughter Kinsey and I enjoy a ride on the zip line...

Super tickled to have Adonna and her family stay in my humble home earlier this week.  Her sweet husband grilled steaks on my deck, s'mores were roasted, the zip line enjoyed, we hiked with her mom.  Adonna and I sat out on my deck under a thick slice of moon long after everyone turned in for the night to talk art, art world and studio lives.

I highly encourage you to check out her work: Adonna Khare