Kaden Creates at the Studio

Ten year old Kaden spent an afternoon with me two weeks ago as part of a year-end project for his 4th grade class.  He created an artwork obviously influenced by my current series but I welcomed and encouraged his ideas.  I was impressed with his intent and appreciated the reasons he offered for the various choices he made.

“My parents would NEVER let me use sharp tools like these!” Kaden said over and over (his mom told me later she counted his fingers).  I have learned when confidence is projected people (and children) most often embrace it and surprise themselves.  Being calm helps.  Mistakes?  All of art making (and life) includes mistakes.  A cabinet maker friend told me years ago that it is not the mistake so much as how you fix the mistake.”

Moments shared with young people in my studio are one of the many gifts of my profession – a treasure and a treat!