let the finishing begin!!!

What does an artist do during 3 months of being totally studio-less?  Obsessive Ebay searches and paint chip collecting. I have lived in a log cabin for the last 16 years and the studios inhabited haven't been mine to mess with so for the first time in decades there are brand spanking new white walls craving color AND I get to dowhatever I want!!! Also a heated cement slab floor and some plywood floors will be stained - colorful of course! The kids are excited to help.  We’ve packed brushes, rollers and winter gear for the first day of painting and staining the studio interior.  Epic sledding breaks are planned (thus the winter gear).  Crazy happy excited to launch into the space and begin the process of making it my own.  Of course the main studio will remain white so that I have a blank canvas space to work within.  My Sunday will be spend snoopy dancing, paint flinging and grinning inside the NEW studio!!! How about this festive Talavera Mexican sink I found on Ebay for $24.00?!  I will be staining the cabinet deep purple for this bright happy sink to set into.  Yesterday I bought a BIG utility sink for the studio - funny how much fun it was to purchase a big o'l utility sink of my own!  The silly sink has no idea how much work it will do.  Right now it is so clean and shiny that I am tempted to put a bow on it.