lunch box art

Will and Cache are gifts to each other and the world.  Zesty juicy souls who grace the lives of anyone lucky enough to brush their warm fuzzy wide reaching web; they are precious.  Will and Cache are healers, teachers, musicians and Buddhists.  Cache coaches with laughter and compassion on the yoga mat.  I have reveled in Will’s healing hands while he treated me (for free) before and after my surgery a few years ago.  Will and Cache give and give – and now they have conceived an "Artists Helping Artists" event.  Thus, they will host a “Field Trip” evening complete with sack lunches made with love AND a silent auction of "artified" lunch boxes.

My new studio lends itself to creative group retreat endeavors – the space and place is simply inspiring.  Lucky me - how can I NOT share?!  (Well.  Um.  ActuallyI can be a bit of a space bitch and a hermit when it comes to the bare bones part of making art BUT the studio just oozes opportunity to share.)  Share I must – with Snoopy dancing joy.  Twice last week, artists gathered at my studio to spew creative genius into the plain metal lunch boxes.

BUT first I had to tackle the chore of trying to clear the sawdust.   Lordy I can MAKE A MESS!  I would just love to have a little flying leprechaun to dust at night and keep the place spotless but instead I have an air gun, a rack of brooms, a dust mask and industrial garbage bags to haul out the latest mesquite sawdust taken from the 2000 pound log sculpture project.   Relatively dust free – the studio was graced with creative spirits happy to share my space, place and tools to transform lunch boxes for a good cause.  Stay tuned for photos from the 2nd gathering of special artists and more lunch boxes!

Indulgence on Main Street in Bozeman are displaying the boxes.

"Field Trip" is Wednesday Feb 22 at the Filler (9 pm)