Magical Mountaintop Mediation

red_tailed_hawk_2 I heard wings above my head - right after I closed my eyes - three breaths into a mediation on top of my mountain. Zaydee and I were on the edge of the canyon next to the "Sound of Music" meadow. A hawk. Large. Close. Gracefully soaring around and around Zaydee and I. Crazy beautiful close. Then another - two raptors chortled and swooped. Magic. Then another and another and another joined - like Sunday church service - dipping and calling, circling the canyon above and below me. Wing sounds in air. Swish. Sunlight through feathers stretched impressively long. The original hawk hovered close, its beak dipped each time the bird looked directly at Zaydee or me. I half expected it to dive-bomb Zaydee; so close it dropped each time it circled. The raptors seemed to want attention, revel in currents as Zaydee and I watched. I thought to meditate beneath their shadows but they left when I dropped my gaze and closed my eyes. Blessed.