me on a billboard...?

Yup.  The photo hasn't been edited - this billboard actually exists...! The phone call came early this spring telling me about a project the local committee for tourism planned to launch featuring local “characters.”  My first guess was they wanted me to paint or sculpt some local character(s) and I wondered how I would find the time.  But as I listened, it became apparent they considered ME a local character and wanted to feature me on a billboard.


Self-employed people like me are suppose to welcome any and all publicity.  But a billboard….?!!!  Me?!!!  The photo shoot was sweet, friendly and fun.  Artist Brad Bunkers and photographer Lynn Donaldson were in charge of the images.  Luckily I had one carving that would fit up the stairs and in the makeshift studio – which seemed more like a place for rats, spiders and ghosts than a fancy photo shoot.  Meaningfully – the sculpture was created as a tribute to dear Freeman and Daisy Butts.  Daisy had just passed away so it gives me “warm-fuzzies” to have their energy on the billboard.  I also like the idea that an artist is next to a champion bull rider – that there is equal value and attraction to the two as “celebrities.”  How cool is that for the art world?