Momma Nature's PMS

Autumn in the Rockies can be almost anything weather-wise.  Just check out the history of Facebook posts from September 10:

Momma Nature is moody to say the least but I love it...!  The last month has been full.  Ten days spent helping prepare for and participating in HATCH at Big Sky left me plumb tuckered.


Certainly. But the exhaustion that hit was bone-deep.  So deep I began to think it might be part of so many intense life events which have tumbled one after another.  I am wrestling with several desires:

  • to be fully in my studio creating with freedom
  • to be magically caught up with  desk life/admin life (I need a leprechaun to help)
  • to scoot to the desert to climb or the ocean to gather energy
  • to spend some weeks just reading, writing, napping and hiking
  • to launch into and gain back momentum in both my studio life and my art career
  • to catch up with you (SO much has happened).Mostly I like being home-sweet-home with Raymond.  We live in a beautiful place.  We have plenty of catching up and chores here on the mountain to keep us both busy without being bored.  We are settling into married life (I LOVE it).  I miss Cliff horribly and grieve the loss of my mother.  Last week I returned to 6am crossfit workouts (damn sore but a good kind of sore).

    The above list of desires will be fulfilled - just not all at once...