painting for charity

I blew the sawdust off some paintbrushes and headed down the mountain to the Livingston Depot for an evening of collaborative painting.  The annual Rotary Event fundraiser for underprivileged children needed some new energy, spunk and spirit.  Tyler Erickson, event coordinator wanted an evening of collaboration – thus we came up with this concept: three artists, three canvases and three hours – but we would each paint on each canvas during the course of the evening.  Each artist started a painting.  The painting then went to the next artist for a round, rotated again to the other artist before ending up for a final round of painting with the original artist.  Four jolly rounds of flinging paint in quick succession creating collaborative works of art.

I haven’t painted for a zillion years and have only painted on 1-2 canvases in my life but I had a BLAST painting along with Ed Enders and Brian White.

The crowd loved it.  I loved it.  I do believe I should put paint to canvas more often!

View a FULL ALBUM of the collaborative painting event (click here)