Plenty of tears...

How does one carry on after losing a companion like Zaydee? My girlfriend Wynn texted, “Cry it out sister and then cry some more. You’re honoring her with every brave tear. Photo by Russel Pickering

Zaydee and I as "calendar girls."  We were actually asked to pose (and paid) for the month of... (can't remember but obviously it was a winter month) during the beginning of our 12 years together. She wasn't too sure about the photographer guy and kept her eye on him while staying close to me.  Zaydee was still getting over her abusive years, her fear of men back then was so engrained that she would cower and pee uncontrollably when a man entered the room.  Patience and love along with her spunk and spirit moved her away from her past.

Zaydee was a special spirit.