road rash

Emotions splatter my innards like a Jackson Pollack painting – levity is elusive.

A few relationships in my life are currently especially challenging – scraping me raw.  I wonder just what is up with me?!  Perhaps it is the road I am on.  Whether it is the road itself or my klutzy navigation, I can report an impressive bit of road rash on my soul.  Painful stuff.

My father’s funeral was a week ago.  Feels like it was just the day before yesterday even though much has transpired since: a two-day trip home, a few studio days and another road trip for Cliff’s surgery.  One evening was spent climbing, one evening at Jake’s ballgame, one BBQ hosted at the Bozeman place for mom and my brother Howard’s family and one evening of nursing Cliff after his surgery (routine and successful nose surgery).  My intentions to get out for the Livingston Art Walk last night were thwarted by exhaustion and lack of gumption which came more from insomnia than the packed schedule.  The road-rash-soul intensifies my insomnia – I just cannot sleep comfortably with so much open and oozing.

I am deeply thankful for the NEW studio – an inspirational respite and compelling reason to motivate through the pain.  Momma Nature also adds salve to my wounds with the invitation to breath deep and play a bit.  Life (of course) is not totally a smooth downhill paved-road cruise in the open air and sunshine.  So I plug and pant my way through another uphill section – klutzy, tuckered and sore but game to gain some elevation and see what is around the next bend…