seven layers so far

Woodgrain is the thumbprint, veins, history, story, kin, life and vital meanderings of a tree.  My intent is very rarely to erase the grain but rather exalt, hint, honor and dance with its intrinsic beauty.

Thus – no matter the direction I aim to push color in a sculpture– the process requires PATIENCE; in other words – lotsa layers.  The photo shows seven layers of stain.  I may be almost half-finished with the background color However at this point in the project I lacked some "metallic magic."  None of the local stores carried what I needed so while I was in Jackson Hole to climb in the Tetons and crash the Wildlife Museum Gala (see post below) I also managed to place a few orders for supplies; including an assortment of small crushed and polished gemstones to inlay into the sculpture.  I was soooooo into seeing the sculpture finished that it was maddening to be stalled out by lack of materials.  Luckily the Tetons trip had been planned months earlier so I packed the weekend with adventure.  The following week I taught a two-day studio intensive.    The studio intensive was a first for me.  A mini-art camp in my studio for one special young lady who is determined to soak up all the art-learning she can before entering her final year of high school.  I believe we both gleaned from the experience.  I am in constant "gobble mode" myself - always learning.  The knowledge and encouragement I shared with Angelique made me realize just how much I have ingested during my life of "gobbling."