sunday soak

Sami , Jake, Ali, Cliff and I celebrated the bright winter moon by hiking to Leroy’s Lookout Saturday night.  Moon shadows danced on the ice and frozen dirt beneath our feet – a remarkable contrast to the deep snow this time last year.  We chattered all the way up the mountain happy and psyched the steep hike no longer seemed challenging to the kids – who no longer have to stop for breaks.  Cliff had the wee little o’l cabin toasty warm when we got there.  The place is literally cabled to the rocks on a peak above the Yellowstone River – which glittered in the moon lit valley below us while the Crazy Mountains glowed on the horizon. The warm inviting pink sunrise inspired us to pack towels and hot pastry turnovers before zipping up Paradise Valley for a soak in the Boiling River.  Just inside the boundary of Yellowstone National Park, the hot springs always deliver soothing healing doses of goodness for the heart, soul and body.  We drove back down the valley in a post soak bliss – grinning at the elk, deer and mountain goats as they puttered about lazily enjoying their Sunday afternoon.  The late night hike and the early morning soak certainly fueled our appetites so we scooped up my mom and took her to lunch in Bozeman upon our return to civilization - burgers and waffle fries!  Satiated.

Click here to view a short video: Boiling River