Sunny solitude; first ride of the season

Overwhelm threatens to snuff my spirit, pummel my gumption, dampen my vision, break my body and squeeze my heart beyond bearable. But I reach for a slice of sun. I feel gratitude for a healthy strong body that can propel me through exhaustion and gift me with the satisfaction of an afternoon outing.  Just the road bike, Momma Nature and myself. The scenic road up Hyalite Canyon is closed to cars for a few weeks each spring, allowing an enticing opportunity to ride the curvy paved road tucked between creek and canyon all the way to the frozen lake.

Birds chirped while I dodged the occasional fur-filled coyote poop left on the road. I pedaled up to the scenic frozen lake where I sat on a rock (crazy unusual to be beckoned by warm rocks that are typically buried beneath snow this time of year) but a wonderful place for a few meditative moments.  The soul-soothing, bone-warming, heart-heeling ride up Hyalite Canyon helped me muster my gumption and carry on.