Radiate Confidence

  I have tagged peaks in the Tetons several times, including one traverse where I tagged three of the tallest (including the Grand) in one expedition

Many years ago someone from the Oprah Network wanted me on their show called, “Fearless Women.” I laughed. I am anything but fearless. I told them they should name their show “Gals with Gumption” to honor those of us who pursue our passions despite our fears. You can watch a five-minute segment from the show here:

On the summit of Mt Rainier

Compelled to explore - I push boundaries and scare myself. I have been shipwrecked on a Mexican island, stepped on by a bear while sleeping alone in the backcountry, nearly blown off the top of Mt Rainier, flipped in Class Five rapids and completely mesmerized while climbing frozen waterfalls. Do you feel tempted to embolden yourself and step up your participation in a more adventurous life?  If you are inspired, sign up for the FREE online Radiate Confidence Summit to hear from me, Katie and a whole line-up of remarkable women.

Radiate Confidence

Pay it forward

MentorGoodness knows I've plowed through enough mistakes on my own to be able to spare others by sharing knowledge. Officially and unofficially I have mentored for decades...perhaps my whole life. Grade school is my earliest memory of officially being asked to "mentor" someone. Eager to pursue her creativity but feeling "stuck" Michelle found me through the MAP program spring of last year.  She is a beehive of ideas and questions.  Earlier this week I invited her to spend a night at my studio "to soak up the vibe" and we spent the following day cultivating her spark and sharing more than I knew I knew.  Isn't that always how "teaching" goes?  I find myself learning also...