Yellowstone Art Museum Auction

Bunny ring and lace.. “Secret Miracles at Work” – my very first tree reliquary sculpture created years ago has been shown recently at the Yellowstone Art Museum in the exhibit leading up to their annual auction fundraiser. Raymond and I “gussied up” and had a blast at the auction Saturday night. The theme was “fire” (which I LOVE on lots a levels). The food was amazing (ask Raymond about the impressive BIG bowl of bacon at one of the buffets). Art auctions can be a bit stressful on donating artists but I felt quite “zen” about it that night (not always accomplished by me). Mostly we enjoyed the energy of being around artists and collectors in the museum community.

(I got the sweet bunny ring in Panama - love'n it SO much I might have to start collecting bunny rings)

BIG beginnings...

I had a good feeling about 2016.  Simply the number "2016" looks and feels friendly and inviting.  A focus on shifts, growth, acceptance and ease after an exceptionally challenging few years has lead to some fine fun news to report from my first month into this New Year: Detail from the sculpture chosen by the Yellowstone Art Museum for their auction this year.

- I was asked to join HATCH South America and will be in Panama later this month - Prime minister of Bhutan is interested in having me visit the country to carve for the kings family - I got engaged (just a few days ago) - I created a small fundraising sculpture for HATCH (at the foundry being cast) - I delivered the Bison Bench to the airport - I have begun the palm-size bronze sculpture for this year (4th in an annual series) - One of my reliquary sculptures is in an exhibit at the Yellowstone Art Museum and will be featured in their annual live auction.

Pretty awesome beginnings eh?

Artist in Action at the National Museum of Wildlife Art

She didn't believe tools were for girls but she left feeling totally different - so fun!!! What a trip for me to leave the solitude of my studio at the end of the road near the top of a mountain for a week of sharing tools and inspiration with people of all ages!  Jackson is a magical place nestled in the well-muscled arms of Momma Nature on steroids.  The National Museum of Wildlife Art is a grand stone castle-like animal art dream world.  My days began with early morning mountain bike rides up Cache Creek near my dear friend Leslie’s house (she hosted Zaydee and I for the week).  The museum hosted a special event artist’s talk with an impressive turn out and so much fun!!!

I'm not sure who was more proud - the little fella or his parents

The best part of my work at the museum was connecting with, inspiring and empowering people.  I love to see a light go on when people handle a power tool for the first time!  Hard to pick a favorite moment but one of my many enduring memories was with a matronly southern belle decked out in broad brimmed hat and bling who had never had a power tool in her hand but took after it with all the gumption of a baseball pro hitting a home run.  I didn’t think she was going to leave a significant chunk of wood uncarved – she kept at it with gusto.

What a fine fun opportunity and a grand week spent in the shadow of the Tetons.

He saw an alligator in the wood and spent an intensely focused hour and half until he brought the alligator out of the wood (and took it home).