The sharp end of the rope (last day on ice)! Once again the season was MUCH too short.  Certainly I have never gotten to climb too much ice in one season but warm temps brought an unusually early end to the season.


View while I sat and geared up before the first frozen waterfalls

The "sharp end of the rope" is a climbing term that refers to whomever is leading the climb since that is more challenging and potentially more dangerous than following.  The rewards of climbing on the "sharp end of the rope" are similar to what I experience in the studio when I push myself beyond fear and doubt while creating.  Leading several pitches of super wet ice gave me a physical, mental and spiritual "high" - a bold electric feeling of confidence that is just what I need right now while forging through an exceptionally challenging chapter of caring for my mother.  Thankful for the gifts of Momma Nature and adventure...!