The Takin always grins

image"Madam is so happy today," Norgay said with a broad smile this evening as we were all packing up our tools. He was genuinely pleased. I looked around at the other jolly Bhutanese carpenters who were looking at me, nodding and grinning along with Norgay and I laughed - not at anything in particular - just because...The darkness of the last two days has lifted. I carved and cried and felt my way through a round of intense emotions. Though no one here actually saw me cry, I was never alone (as so many of you pointed out to me). And so I share with you the perma-goofy-grin of a critter called the Takin which also happens (of course) to be Bhutan's National Mammal - a perfect pick for a country with a declared GNH (gross national happiness). I aim to make a pilgrimage to see a Takin in person. When I shared this photo with Raymond a week ago his response was, "I want one" which is one of the zillion reasons I love the man I married.