they say things happen in threes...

My computer crashed. BIG time.  The poor thing took ill somewhere between Texas and Montana.  The computer spent several days in ICU where recovery seemed possible – news was slow but promising.  Alas – four days later came the fated phone call – basically the computer died in surgery.  I took it to Bozeman for a second opinion and another expensive round at resuscitation – without results.   Nine months of computer data is lost forever (no one to blame but myself).  I guess more than two decades of computing without a single crash made me complacent when it came to back up.  Silly girl; LESSON LEARNED.  Before me lies a whole new chapter; beneath my fingers is a super sweet snappy new Mac (my 1st).   The crash sucked a ton of studio and fun time into a vortex of lost data, computer doctor visits and irritation.  I face the looming learning curve with a deepened appreciation; technology certainly has inserted itself into the morrow of business and communication.  I am humbled by my mistakes and wowed by the cleverness of my new Mac – a whole new chapter!

My truck broke down.

The “check engine” light went on during my trip over the pass to Bozeman to purchase a new computer while in the post-computer-crash crisis.  I’ve NEVER seen the “check engine” light before.  The truck still feels rather new to me despite five years and 90,000 miles together; bought used with 30,000 miles on it – it is only the 3rdtruck I have owned in the last two decades.  The initial diagnosis was puzzling – meaning even the shop computers and my trusted mechanic couldn’t figure it out.  After hearing about my computer and the fact that my beloved o’l Wedgewood oven mysteriously quit working a day before the truck broke down, my mechanic advised me to stay home, “Don’t touch anything.  Don’t start anything.  Don’t go visit your neighbor unless you don’t like him,” Rodney the mechanic advised.

The truck has been in the shop for more than a week but a handful of friends offered to lend me their rigs or a ride – thus I am not totally stranded and once again feel lucky to be taken care of by people around me.  Honestly during the past nine months or so had a nagging anxious feeling about my truck.  I asked a few friends to drive it and see if they felt what I felt but what I felt wasn’t actually mechanical or possible to pin point.  I just had a feeling that something was or was about to go wrong.  I find myself noticing other trucks; test-drove a Tundra but feel an allegiance to Ford - we'll see.  I would rather shop for logs than vehicles - thus I managed to get some log shopping time in - excited to begin a new series of sculptures...soon!!!