wee bunny

I have a thing for bunnies.  Birds.  Frogs.  Actually I just love all creatures but when it comes to bunnies, birds and frogs I seem to have a special weakness.  The dog bronze created in clay last summer for a commission opened up a new door of possibility to play and explore.  Clay is infinitely more forgiving than wood.  Carving wood is a bit like surgery – intense focus with the added pressure of “no return” once wood is removed.  I created the “Works on Paper” series as a way to begin my studio days with a cup of tea and an hour of “playtime.”

Clay has replaced the paper part of studio playtime for the moment.  I have a zillion ideas to explore in clay.  Two rabbits are the humble beginnings.  The trip to Vegas spurred another idea for a series of rabbits interacting with wood.  I can’t wait to begin!!  But the 1st two bunnies need to make their way to bronze and into homes.  The “Wee Bunny” is one of the two new bunnies.  You’ll see the other bunny soon.