worthy cause event

A sweet bit of grace added a little road bike to my arsenal of outdoor adventure toys this spring – why not use if for a good cause?!

Actually the Payden Memorial Foundation is more than a good cause: A Livingston family lost their dear sweet 6-year-old boy to cancer in 2000. The foundation is their way to celebrate Payden's life by helping Montana families who face the nightmarish challenge of a child with cancer. The Blazing Saddles ride is the biggest fundraising event for the foundation. Each year I have pledged my support to a number of riders but this year I will ride 100 miles for the cause.

I have never ridden 100 miles...!  The event snuck up on me (yes – the studio work keeps me captivated) so I registered last minute (Monday) and have been raising pledges since.  I haven't trained -  in fact I have ridden the bike exactly five times earlier this spring (but once was during a triathlon and another ride was over a mountain pass).

The day after tomorrow I will plunk my butt down on that wee little seat and pedal for Payden.   I have almost reached my goal of $1000 in pledges and would LOVE to beat it!!!

Your support and a bit of gumption on my part can help take care of families during their heartbreaking struggle.

Just take a quick moment to click on this link to sponsor: http://blazingsaddles.dojiggy.com/amberjean

You’ll reap the sparkle of warm fuzzies and my heartfelt gratitude…