Would you like an original drawing?

The INKtober commitment was good for me.  I accomplished one drawing in ink each day of the month and posted it on social media for everyone to see - an act of courage.  Perhaps you find it odd that a chainsaw-wielding, frozen-waterfall-climbing gal can find herself intimidated by a pen and paper?  I cannot begin to describe the dark well of fear I fell into when Post Traumatic Stress Disorder entered my life following the horrific dog pack attack earlier this year.  Life has challenged me plenty and I challenge myself on a regular bases pushing my boundaries with fear both inside and outside the studio but somehow those vicious dogs got more than pieces of my flesh, they crumpled me deep inside.  INKtober was a commitment of baby steps through the fear.  The drawings are finding homes with supportive peeps eager to have an original drawing.  I am posting a batch on eBay each week. The following five drawing are available to bid (starting at $25.00) or you can "buy it now" on eBay