bump in the road

I hit a duck while driving to Mom’s.  Broke my heart.  The shiny green-headed little bugger just ran out in front of me…then tried to run faster with neck stretched, wings flapping feverishly.  I sucked in my breath and slammed on the breaks.  Heart in my throat but full of hope I glanced into the rear-view mirror.  A cloud of white feathers swirled chaotically in the early morning sunshine.  Gulp.  My tummy and chest felt like all of those feathers and the duck itself had been stuffed down my throat.  DAMN! Double damn.  I have an especially horrific ghost in the dark closet of memories involving unavoidable car carnage.  Maybe I will write from that closet someday but for now I would like to think of the magic metallic glistening green Momma Nature bestows on the heads of male ducks.  I will create a piece and homage to the little critter – glitter and all.