an idle hoist

STYROFOAM?!! The strange block of whiteness seems out of place in my brand spank’n new studio.

Just check out the BIG hoist hanging there itch’n to get to work to lift some of my own heavy large sculptures BUT…ah…well. Patience.  I can feel the Cosmos chuckle at me with a sideways grin and mischievous glint in its big beaming eyes.  After months of being studioless and now settling into this new dream space - I have a packed-full smorgasbord of scrumptious emotionally spiced ideas for sculptures but find this solitary little sugar cube on my plate instead.

And thus begins the first art project in my new space. I’ll be honest – I hadn’t really planned on sharing photos from this piece since the direction in my personal work is so very different from this sculpture.  BUT.  Well.  What the heck. I believe you'll enjoy the transformation of Styrofoam and clay into a pet-able little piece.