first summit of the season

Mountain peaks beckon me – not just to look at but to approach, explore and sit upon.  Usually I visit several each summer.  I just LOVE to traverse from summit to summit on high mountain ridges.  I plan not to let a month slip by this summer without tagging at least one summit.  June was challenging because ALL the peaks remained buried in snow and Momma Nature was exceptionally moody - not at all cooperating weather-wise.  But last week I was tickled and tempted when o’l Mt Baldy sported only a few snow patches on its friendly round bald head.  Laying in the Bridger Mountains above Bozeman, the peak is not at all formidable looking but it does require 4300 feet of steep uphill hiking from the trailhead below the “M.”  Honestly it seems more like 3000 feet of elevation gain to me but a Google search posted 4300...?

Two summers ago Baldy was the final summit tagged in a multi-summit traverse with my girlfriend Amy before descending to the Sweet Pea Festival, an outdoor Shakespeare performance and dinner with friends.  Amy had just discovered a suspicious lump on her breast and I was dealing with a large tumor myself.  The traverse isn't technical but perfect girlfriend chat time.  We share a soulful connection.  Since that traverse we have both had surgeries and she’s had a baby.  Joining Amy for a return to the wide round summit seemed fitting and fun.  We decided not to do the traverse across the Bridger's because of the snow on the other peaks.  Then too, she had a baby to get back to - so we tagged the bugger June 29th during an 11 mile loop up from the “M” trail, down Sypes Canyon and back up and down along the foothills to our vehicles.  Perfect weather.  Beautiful morning.  Great gal pal.

We'll see what summit(s) July has in store...